Online advertising is not something that just focuses on how it will be perceived by the consumer. No, instead the process of online advertising typically starts a lot earlier than the consumer even thinks about it. Most of them time it starts when the consumer is searching for other things, and what they are searching for begins to collect the information to store it for later. This process is constantly repeated and by default the consumers are constantly apart of the advertising process whether or not they are aware of this. Based on this example of the current online advertising…

SEO Tips

When building your website there are many things that you do to improve the website for the ease of your customers. However, what happens when you’re having a hard time getting customers to your site? With this there are actually four main things you can do to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) with changing some of the features on your website.

The first is the URL should be something that can be searched. This means when creating pages and within the website the URL for these pages should contain key words that a customer would be searching. …

  1. Know your Objectives: Like any business strategy it is important to know why your company is making a decision. This should be the first step when putting together your landing page. Your CTA should also be known by looking at the landing page. Establishing these objectives should be done using the same process as other objectives in the company to ensure they are helping further the company's overall objects.
  2. Accessibility: Something to consider when designing your layout is whether or not your landing page is accessible to all. For instance people with low vision have a difficulty with distinguishing between…

What type of feminist are you?

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

Feminism today has a very negative connotation to the word. Part of this can be due to the portion of the community that is not all-inclusive. In their actions they exclude minorities, problems internationally, minimizing or completely ignoring problems men face, and only focus on very small sections of what women actually face. Excluding people based off body image/size, race, language barriers, sexuality, or income is some of the most common ways people are not all-inclusive. Theses forms of feminism are also the most publicized by media for multiple reasons. …

Dear Marketing Heads of Literally Anything,

“turned off signage” by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Based off recent advertisements it seems the word diversity in the context of body image needs to be redefined.

Company after company, advertisement after advertisement continues to promote body positive and diversity but they all seem to be missing one thing…

Brooke Johnson

Reaching for something better

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